What is the main setting in tangerine?

What is the main setting in tangerine? Tangerine is set in fictional Tangerine County, Florida. The time is around 1997, when the book was written.

What is the main point of Tangerine? A central theme of the book Tangerine is that keeping the truth a secret is damaging. Throughout the novel, Paul struggles with the idea that he may

Is there only one setting in Tangerine? This story takes place in Florida and little bit in Houston, Texas. The places in Florida where it takes place are: Lake Windsor Downs, Lake Windsor Middle School, Tangerine, Tangerine Middle School, and Tomas Cruz Groves.

What is the main conflict in Tangerine? The main conflict in the novel, Tangerine, is man versus self, as Paul struggles to remember the past (his accident), make friends, and come to terms with his fear of knowing what Erik is capable of.

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How does the setting affect the plot in Tangerine?

One way the setting impacts the plot and characters is through the weather. The weather in Tangerine is unusual and creates many problems, including a sinkhole destroying part of Lake Windsor Middle where Paul, the protagonist, went to school.

What does Paul not see in Tangerine?

Paul Fisher is the main character and narrator in Edward Bloor’s novel Tangerine. He is legally blind and wears very thick glasses. He has no peripheral vision. He believes that he was blinded by looking into an eclipse of the sun.

Why did Erik spray paint Paul’s eyes?

Erik and Vincent spray-painted Paul’s eyes because they believed that Paul was the one who got Vincent into trouble. While Erik held Paul’s eyelids open, Vincent sprayed white paint into them. This horrifying incident left Paul screaming in pain on the garage floor.

What is Paul’s mom’s name in tangerine?

Fisher. Mrs. Fisher is Paul and Erik’s mom. She takes care of her whole family and often brings Paul around on her errands with her.

Who is Paul’s homeroom teacher in tangerine?

Ms. Alvarez is Paul’s homeroom teacher at Lake Windsor Middle School. Arthur Bauer Jr. A mediocre player on the high school football team, Arthur becomes Erik’s flunky.

Who died in tangerine?

In Edward Bloor’s novel Tangerine, Luis Cruz is killed by a blow to the head from a blackjack wielded by Erik Fisher’s friend, Arthur Bauer. The head wound doesn’t kill Luis right away.

What do Paul glasses symbolize in tangerine?

What do Paul glasses symbolize in tangerine? His glasses symbolize his ability to see the truth better than most people. They also remind us of the event that gave him this insight into the behavior of those around him.

How does Erik affect Paul in tangerine?

Erik decided to make fun of Paul by, saying that he is blind now because he looked up at he eclipse without protection. This is an impact on Paul because now he believes that is true even though he doesn’t remember. It also impacts him because he is always thinking back to that day.

What is Paul’s inner conflict in tangerine?

Paul’s internal conflict is that he has to put up with his brother,try to live with his parents not doing anything about what Eric does,and his father only fixating on the Eric Fisher Football Dream. Eric’s internal conflict is knowing what happened to Luis was his fault.

What is the resolution of tangerine?

Resolution. The resolution of Tangerine is that in the end Paul and Erik’s parents finally found out about Erik and all of the bad things that he does. This makes Paul happy when their mother finds one of Erik’s gym bags full of gas masks and valuables that he and Arthur stole.

What is the plot for tangerine?

It is coming-of-age story, and details the experiences of twelve-year-old Paul Fisher after his family moves to Tangerine County, Florida. The novel centers on Paul’s relationship with his older brother, and explores themes of bullying, discrimination and courage.

How old is Paul in tangerine?

brief! summary):! Tangerine is about 12 year old Paul Fisher, who moves from Texas to Tangerine County, Florida where strange things occur. Legally blind, Paul struggles with distant memories to discover how he became blind, an event that he thinks has something to do with his older brother, Erik.

What happened to Paul at the end of tangerine?

The book ends with Paul being driven to his third school of the year by his father, thinking about Mike Costello and Luis and taking in the sight and smell of the orange groves. He gets emotional just thinking about what had happened to them and the effects it had on their families.

What doesnt Erik do that most people his age do?

What doesn’t Erik do that most people his age do? He doesn’t look for a college to go to.

What does Paul think about Mike’s Tree?

As Paul views the tree, he mentally describes it as “a big laurel oak” that appears acceptably strong and healthy. Paul also notes the stakes and wires set up to hold the tree in place. They’re a temporary support system, his dad explains, that will be removed once the tree is strong enough to stand on its own.

Who sprayed Paul’s eyes?

Erik held Paul’s eyes open while Castor sprayed white spray paint into them. Paul’s mom tried to rinse his eyes out afterwards, but ended up having to drive him to the hospital.

How did Paul lose his eyesight in Tangerine?

Paul lost his eyesight when his brother and a friend sprayed paint into his eyes. The real story is that his brother held him down while his friend Vincent sprayed paint into his eyes out of revenge, claiming that Paul got him into trouble.

Is Tangerine a true story?

Movie review: ‘Tangerine’ provides rare glimpse of transgender street culture. Based on a true story and shot completely on an iPhone 5, the movie takes place over just one day, and follows Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) as she hunts down the woman who hooked up with her boyfriend, Chester (James Ransone).

What is Paul’s dad’s first name in tangerine?

Mr. Fisher in Tangerine | Shmoop.

What does Mrs Fisher say in tangerine?

Fisher is prepared. She reads from the article, from the local Tangerine Times, which says that their city experiences the highest proportion of deaths by lightning strike in the entire nation.

Why does Paul get kicked off the tangerine soccer team?

Essentially, Paul gets kicked off the Lake Windsor Middle School soccer team because his disability prevents him from being covered under the school’s accident insurance plan. To recuperate their costs, they may sue the school.